Hi! I’m Stefanie, wife, mom to six, and freelance copywriter with an educational background in speech pathology and audiology.

Building a freelance business, as a wife and mom to five boys and one rowdy princess, means productivity and organization are at the top of my list of things to think and write about.

All the time.

If your side hustle has you scrambling and you’re wondering how on earth you’ll ever be able to get all.the.things done, join me in making it happen for 2017.

I’ll be adding lots of content, including:

  • Free resources that will help you (and me) get from chaos to calm in your home and business, and from stressed-out, mompreneur to savvy business owner
  • A whole lot of info on what to do to get from here to there
  • A whole lot of info on what not to doI’ve been working on my “organizational” skills for a long time 😉

I also write about mindset. A lot.

After twenty years of letting fears hold me back, I.am.done.

If you can relate, and you’re ready to take action, in spite of fear, then you just might love being part of Growth Mindset Facebook Book Club. It’s a small and supportive group of people who love to read great books and who are ready for huge growth in their personal and professional lives.