Maximize productivity with consistent routines

It’s Monday…..and it definitely feels like it. As I sit here, I have my deadlines wrapped up, and work to look forward to, which feels really good, but now I am falling into a common trap: inability to focus.

I am flitting from one thing to the next, searching sites, and being all around inefficient with my time. After wasting a good hour, I remembered that having consistent routines is an important key to maximizing productivity; that is where many of us “creatives” get off track.

Why is it so hard for us to maintain routines? That’s a question for another day, I suppose.

Regardless, I have decided that, when no deadlines are looming, Monday mornings will be dedicated to paperwork and my weekly blog post, which leads to:

An Update on the Paper Project:

Oh, the paper project; it was delayed for a while, but it is now in progress again.

I was given an awesome filing cabinet. I usually try to say, “No, thank you,” when offered items because accepting them leads to a cluttered house, but it is giant and high-quality, and it eliminates the need for two other filing cabinets, including a banged up one, which was definitely a “mechanical” obstacle preventing organization.

I also accepted help from my “born-organized” mom; she made me some beautiful files to start a system for current papers. Not having to decide on what categories to label items removed the “perfectionism” obstacle; no more having to decide the so-called “perfect” way to categorize the papers, and re-doing it over and over because it will never be “just right.” I have a couple ideas on how I can return the favor.

I have three bins of paper to sort through, and I am done!

Today’s tips:

  • Accept help! Don’t go it alone if you don’t have to! Can you exchange services with someone, or work together with someone to make the job more fun?
  • Start building routines to maximize productivity. What areas in your life are a little out of control? What routines can you put in place to get them in check?
  • There is no perfect system! Let go of the perfectionism; label your files-get the papers out of the bins and into the filing cabinet. Do you struggle with starting because you aren’t ever satisfied that it is done “perfectly?”

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