Monday Miscellaneous: Looking Ahead to 2017

It’s Monday again. I’m looking ahead to 2017 and getting ready to set some goals for the year.

One thing about being in the freelance business is that there are so many directions to go, it’s hard to reel them in and focus. Taking a step back to reflect and to set some realistic goals is important.

One goal for 2017 I have is to set up and maintain consistent routines, in my home and in my business. I’ve learned that no matter how much you minimize your stuff and your schedule, whether its in your home, life, or business, if you can’t maintain routines, history is bound to repeat itself; chaos will return the second you drop your guard.

I’m setting routines for my blog, my business schedule, and my home.

For now, my goals for the blog:

Two posts per week (starting January 2017)

  • Monday Miscellaneous: I am giving myself free reign to write about any topic I want. Please skip if you don’t want to hear the inner ramblings of my brain; it’s a scattered place; fortunately for me, writing brings it into focus.
  • Friday Freelancing: My goal with the Friday blog post is to write a more professional post for fellow freelancers trying to maintain the so-called “life-work balance.” I’ve read a lot of incredible books on productivity, personal development, business, and success. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned and learn from other freelancers as well.

Now, time to deal with rest of the Monday morning routine, paperwork…..

What routines do you have in place for your home or business? Do you find them difficult to keep, or do they come easy for you?


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