Friday Freelancing: Black Friday Sales

My first “Friday Freelancing” post:

Today is a little bit rough for me as a freelancer. There have been quite a few Black Friday Sales in my inbox today, that I almost can’t refuse.

But if I learned anything in my previous attempts at starting a business, it’s that to be in business, you need to be turning a profit. There is no point to all the hard work you are investing otherwise.

I do understand that reinvesting in your business is important though, so I am using the following formula. I’m keeping it as simple as possible.

25% saved for taxes

25% reinvested

50% to benefit my family (Ideally, to pay off debt)

I already spent my reinvestment budget for the month on a Mastermind Group I am super excited about for the new year. Therefore, I have zero dollars to spend on Black Friday deals, even though they are things I really, really want. It’s a little painful, but I am going to remain disciplined.

Zero dollars in the budget means zero dollars in the budget. I think Dave Ramsey would be proud 😉

If you are out there struggling, remind yourself, there is always another deal; it may be a great product or opportunity, it is just not the time. I’m reminding myself that today as well.

Next year, I’m going to make sure to save some money for those Black Friday deals!

Anybody else out there struggling with this today as well? Do share in the comments below……





2 thoughts on “Friday Freelancing: Black Friday Sales

  1. Oh, yes. And not just on Black Friday, but everytime something I want (writing-related) goes on sale. There’s no end to books, courses and coverages/pitch meetings (for my screenwriting) that I want. But I also have a limited budget, so I created a system on to control my shopaholic nature when it comes to information products. I even wrote about it. (

    It’s time to read my own advice before Tuesday comes. Some deals last until the end of Monday.

    Great post!


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